Life in black and White.

These are the highlights of my first black and white film. I used an Efke 100 film, and the results are surprisingly grainy… Still love it though, need to shoot without colour more often, so beautiful.


Beautiful Asturian coastline, Spain

Santander, Spain

Lucy and Hetty

Madrid, Spain

Life in black and White.

5 thoughts on “Life in black and White.

  1. James Brandon O'Shea says:

    To the above question: if you’re using a darkroom, try agitating less during film development. Assuming this is 35mm, if you’re scanning digitally, keep in mind a little grain will be present (more or less depending scanner quality) because you’re asking a 1” frame to fill a frame many times its original size (notice the difference between the larger and smaller images). Film choice is pretty subjective, but Kodak is always a safe bet, and for fine grain I usually shoot Ilford Delta Pro 100. Don’t be turned away by it though; it has its own qualities. Keep at it!

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