Annapurna Self-sustaining Orphan Home.

Wednesday 8th August

I left Annapurna Self-Sustaining Orphan Home today, after volunteering there for four weeks. It is one incredible place. It is home to 25 children, looked after by the ‘house mothers’, a collection of truly admirable women, who treat the children as their own, and three of whom actually live here.

Sarada, the lady who set up the home, is incredible . I have never met anyone quite so kind and full of love before. She believes in each and every child here, and does everything she can to give them the lives that they deserve, which for sure is no easy job. The children all do brilliantly at school, many of them top of their class, and one child even has a scholarship to a prestigious private English-medium school. Sarada rightly believes education to be the most important thing for the children, so school is followed by two hours with the visiting tutor, and then tutoring and help with their homework from us volunteers. They also have music class twice weekly.

The home is currently 25% self-sustained, by means of a small-holding of animals – cows, buffalos, chickens, goats and bees, and the crops that they grow. They strive to be 100% self-sustainable.

It just takes watching the kids get ready for school – the older kids dressing the younger ones – to make you realise that they are remarkable little people.


[front of the home]


[back of the home]


[my room on the roof]


[one of the bedrooms]


[Bishnu preparing dinner, and poorly Sarmila who couldn’t go to school]


[my buffalo purchase, bit of a rubbish photo but she just wouldn’t stay still]

Annapurna Self-sustaining Orphan Home.

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