I coincidentally bumped into the same rickshaw man that I was talking to yesterday (he obviously wanted to know where my husband was again, so I pretended he was sick). I asked him to take me to the office for my airline in Lazimpat (since they keep changing my flight times and it’s all very confusing), to which he was very confident he knew the way. Needless to say, he took me to the British Embassy, British Council building and then the Indian visa office before he eventually understood where I wanted to go, so the vast majority of today has been spent on a rickshaw.

In other news, I bought some insanely cheap big printed designs on beautiful handmade paper that I’m going to get framed at home (anyone who has been to Nepal before will know what I mean here…). No idea how I’m going to get these home in one piece however.

I’m now sat having lunch and drawing in the New Orlean’s Café. My aim is to be acquainted with every café in Thamel by the end of next week.


4 thoughts on “Rickshaw

  1. Mum and Dad says:

    You and your husband could definately become travel guide writers – you could start by writing/blogging a KTM Cafe Guide?

    1. Hi! Accommodation here is great really. In the tourist areas (Kathmandu, Pokhara, National Parks etc.) there is a huge choice of accommodation, and even in places a bit more off the beaten track I’ve never had any problem finding anywhere, and have never booked anywhere in advance. I’m travelling on a VERY small budget, so have mainly been staying in places for 100-200Rs, so they’ve often been run-down, with shared bathrooms (ie. squat toilet and cold shower) but they’re always fine! However, now it’s getting to the end of monsoon, so accommodation is becoming more and more expensive. It’s worth knowing that I’ve haggled some prices down considerably, too.

      I hope that helps you out! Have you got a trip here planned then?

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