Home after a super duper week in France. Lots and lots of snow, beer, cheese and smiling – cant go far wrong. Always breaks my heart to come home, I want to live there again please.

I’ve spent time today clearing out the spare room, so that I have a desk, and space to print and hang up prints. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, so I’m happy now. I fact, I’m sat at my desk right now.

This week: need to start getting fitter for the summer, printing, promoting.

Listen to this. Wicked.






Jake and I visited Colne Valley Museum today – a tiny little museum in Golcar near Huddersfield, and learnt about spinning and weaving. It was a great little place, and definitely worth a visit for anyone interested in yarn and textiles.





I bought this lovely camera strap and I got very excited when it arrived this morning. Now I might have to buy another for my digital camera, too…


Refugee Boy

So I managed to see Refugee Boy at West Yorkshire Playhouse on Saturday.

And yet immigration is as natural to us as breathing. The first act of migration is from the womb into open air. The second act if migration is learning to walk, to grow wings and eventually fly the nest. The saying ‘the world is your oyster’ is a celebration of migration. Ink migrates from pen to paper, words migrate from the page to the stage.
Lemn Sissay

It is beautiful and thought-provoking. Those in Leeds should definitely go see it.

I’m sat on a train currently. I like journeys.

Refugee Boy


I’m reading this great book at the moment:


…and I definitely recommend it. To anyone who knows nothing about History and would like to know something. For instance, I learnt that the days of the week all come from the names of the planets. Yes, I know, I’ve already been told that I should have known that, especially given that it’s that much more obvious in French. Anyway.

I am spending all my free time launching my online shop at the moment. To which I will be linking you to any time soon…



I had the pleasure of meeting this man yesterday. He talked about the importance of travel, and migration as a natural process for any human being. He also advocated that we are all extraordinary, and we must all be the best that we can be. I am excited to see his adaptation of Benjamin Zephaniah’s Refugee Boy at WYPlayhouse this coming week.

In other news, I had a lovely morning wandering round town yesterday.





(Photos taken in Otley on market day.)