I have a new job. I’ll be so sad to leave, but happy to be leaving the hardest job I’ve ever done.

I understand vectors, a little bit.

In six weeks, my exams will be done.

To free time.

//. / // . To baking, sewing, printing.

// //../ /////. /-/Watching The 100 without feeling guilty.

//To making journeys.//

////. / /// // /. ///// To meeting a friend I haven’t yet met.

// // //./// ///. // And in (less than) one year, being somewhere I haven’t yet been.


*this is life for now.



I’ve sacrificed my usual pre-work early night in the name of sorting out my life. I’m sure I won’t regret it at 6am tomorrow. Ha.

Those times when your head gets so fuzzy and full that you actually think it might burst: that’s what this afternoon was like.

I needed these extra couple of hours to tidy up my home, do yoga, write, refocus.

//job prospects//exams//study//yoga//running//self//eat green//


*a very big watermelon