On writing

Lately I’ve been both reading and writing a lot, and I’ve decided to start posting some of my musings here for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, my chosen career in medicine is thus far a complete failure, and my mind therefore needs to be occupied with other intellectual pursuits.  I feel somewhat deprived of opportunities to express myself in an articulate and meaningful manner, yet this contemporary form of journalism provides me with just that, right?

Finally, I bought myself a Mac, and unlike my former PC, the ‘h’ key doesn’t fly off the keyboard every time I hit it. Blogging also seems like one of the idealistic things done by everyone who owns a Mac. 

I considered starting a new blog, since writing about things that actually matter doesn’t exactly follow in the theme of this blog’s previous life. Then I realised that people change, people develop. Why shouldn’t my blog reflect that? Until now, I’ve posted mainly photographs. That’s easy for me. Writing something of meaning and structure poses more of a challenge, one from which I hope that I can learn something. 

On writing

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