My birthday was wonderful. We got the bus to Lakeside, and hired a rowing
boat across to the other side of the lake so that we could climb up to the World Peace Pagoda. Said we didn’t need someone to row for us to save us 100Rs… Turns out rowing was pretty hard work. But LUCKILY we met a strange swimming man who pushed us to the other side. He was called Samundra (or ‘Ocean’… I’m not sure if there is actually any link between these two words…), and was Nepali. He turned out to be quite a character, with a wonderful singing voice and a lot of chat about his ‘inner self’, although I
did actually have to be blunt and ask for ten minutes of silence at one point… He was a great guy anyway, and ended up climbing to the Pagoda with us (barefoot and in swimming shorts no less).

I experienced my first leech today. They’re fascinating little things, in a weird kind of way. Oh, and my nose does indeed have a hole in it again.

To Kathmandu tomorrow, in an attempt to delay my return flight by one month.

[Not a bad view to wake up to on one’s birthday eh.]

[Me, newly pierced.]



+ Bon Iver’s ‘Holocene’. Because it is my anthem.