Turns out that riding an elephant is a sound example of type-two fun. They were possibly the two most uncomfortable hours of my life, but it was pretty damn cool.

I took myself off for a lengthy wander this morning. Aimless exploring is sometimes the best sort. I made a Nepali friend en route, who took me to a conservation place to see a super-cute baby rhino that had been attacked by a tiger two months ago. She was being looked after in a compound until she was better. That was pretty awesome too.

This afternoon I visited an elephant breeding centre, and met some baby elephants. Elephants are totally my new favourite animal (previously, it was sheep, by the way). They are SO CUTE, in a very big kind of way.

[A quick little elephant doodle.]



I’m traveling on my own now, which is kind of scary, even though I came here alone. It’s liberating though, I think I like it.

I made it to Chitwan yesterday. It’s strangely deserted, probably because of monsoon. It’s a beautiful place, no surprises there, but it’s totally flat, and my heart has always been in the mountains.

I visited the National Park today, and saw crocodiles, rhinos, monkeys and many other things. We did in fact spend the best part of an hour watching two rhinos mating, because they were blocking the path and are extremely aggressive when mating. The park guides apparently only see this once a year, so assured me that I was very lucky… Not sure how I feel about this, but it was pretty incredible.

Totally out of money, which is less than ideal. It’s going to be a bleak ten days in Kathmandu.

Oh, and a monkey did a wee on my head.


[Chitwan National Park]