My home for the day

I’m feeling motivated today. It’s a good job really, since GAMSAT is next week. Oh god oh god.

It’s ok. I’m at peace with my impending failure, and I feel great about going to Ireland in March to resit. Sort of.

I’ve spent so long in this library. I know that the doors on the third floor say ‘Pull’, but that actually you can push or pull them. I know where all the hidden-behind-bookcase plug sockets are. I know all.

This is the most important thing to me at the moment.



I’ve sacrificed my usual pre-work early night in the name of sorting out my life. I’m sure I won’t regret it at 6am tomorrow. Ha.

Those times when your head gets so fuzzy and full that you actually think it might burst: that’s what this afternoon was like.

I needed these extra couple of hours to tidy up my home, do yoga, write, refocus.

//job prospects//exams//study//yoga//running//self//eat green//


*a very big watermelon