It’s Monday. What better day to rekindle the blog.

I moved house, I had a jolly good summer, I passed the exam for medical school. Now normality is slowly resuming.

Excited for this week: orchestra // yoga // climb // new job, new learning // screen printing // sourdough baking // Spain

Summer shots from my new Polaroid.



Spent a lovely week in Cornwall. Best place to make the most of this crazy British heatwave I’d say.

Now I’m on the way to Dover, and tomorrow we’re driving in the direction of the Dolomites, northern Italy.






sunshine//fishing//boating//swimming//walking in mud//BBQs//


Two days

Two days of work remain before my two-month summer holiday begins! Hello.

The next two weeks: finish work // move house // GLASTONBURY // find some furniture // ukcat exam // visit medschools // holiday time

(Then come home and find a job.)

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

20130621-170233.jpg Photo taken at Almscliff, Wharfedale, yesterday. Jake and I went there to climb, he ended up falling off Great Western lots of times, then by the time we had rescued gear it was home time. Bouldering next time please.

Two days


My plans for the summer are alllllll coming together, and oh I am just so excited! I’m going on a big road trip, which currently involves Cornwall, France, Italy and Switzerland. Then I’m coming back to my new humble abode in the UK, which is hopefully going to be in Birmingham with Annie. Yippee.

It’s been so sunny and lovely these last two days. I cycled to work in flip flops, and even ate ice cream today. Off the hook.





Home after a super duper week in France. Lots and lots of snow, beer, cheese and smiling – cant go far wrong. Always breaks my heart to come home, I want to live there again please.

I’ve spent time today clearing out the spare room, so that I have a desk, and space to print and hang up prints. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, so I’m happy now. I fact, I’m sat at my desk right now.

This week: need to start getting fitter for the summer, printing, promoting.

Listen to this. Wicked.





Work in progress

*hunt down some more beautiful woven fabric in Indra Chowk.
*find the pendant that Annie wanted, and buy it for her, because she’s wonderful.
*drink mint tea.
*finish this:

[my drawing of The Garden of Dreams, where I found myself yesterday. It was beautifully tranquil, despite being right in the centre of Kathmandu. This probably looks nothing like it, however, since five minutes after I started it, it started raining a lot, so I’ve done most of it from memory, but it has turned out better than I first though.]

Work in progress