I have a new job. I’ll be so sad to leave, but happy to be leaving the hardest job I’ve ever done.

I understand vectors, a little bit.

In six weeks, my exams will be done.

To free time.

//. / // . To baking, sewing, printing.

// //../ /////. /-/Watching The 100 without feeling guilty.

//To making journeys.//

////. / /// // /. ///// To meeting a friend I haven’t yet met.

// // //./// ///. // And in (less than) one year, being somewhere I haven’t yet been.


*this is life for now.



For this is what we do. Put one foot forward and then the other. Lift our eyes to the snarl and smile of the world once more. Think. Act. Feel. Add our little consequence to the tides of good and evil that flood and drain the world. Drag our shadowed crosses into the hope of another night. Push our brave hearts into the promise of a new day. With love: the passionate search for a truth other than our own. With longing: the pure, ineffable yearning to be saved. For so long as fate keeps waiting, we live on. God help us. God forgive us. We live on.

Shantaram, Gregory David Roberts

The final paragraph from my favourite book of all time.



(Beautiful view up Wharfedale, after leaving work one night.)

Life has all of a sudden become very stressful. I’m moving house next week, and nothing has been done in preparation for that. It’s my final week of work, and I need to find a new job, so a) I’m spending all of my time writing job applications, b) I’m stressing majorly about my lack of money. Excellent. I also have my UKCAT exam in a couple of weeks, for which I feel grossly underprepared. Urgh. In addition, I seem to be currently working about 9000 hours a week. And I just feel so tired.

I go away on holiday for a month on 10 July, and before then, it’d be great if I could:
– not fail the UKCAT
– successfully move into house
– have a job lined up for when I’m back in August
– not run out of money.

Allez go.



At the moment, life chez moi has become a waiting game. And a planning game. I have too many decisions to make.

Today I have spent the majority of the day in the kitchen, making bread, hummus, ful, and cheesecake. I now also know how to cable knit. Oh days off, how I love you.

I am excited for two things right now:
+ Wales this weekend, with all (/most of) my favourite climbing people.
+ Summer. Even though I love winter.

Taken in Portland, Dorset.



I’ve been MIA for a while. Being home has been super busy. Here’s to the next chapter of life… not a particularly exciting one, but I’ll make the best of it!

Things to achieve by the end of the year:

* apply to medschool

* have some money again

* find a job for next year

* make everything on my baking and cooking lists

* book a trip to France to skiiiii

* knit a hat. Preferably of the cable variety. With a bobble, obviously.


[view down the valley from just above Phedi, Nepal. Potentially one of the most beautiful views ever]