Mainly moved into new house now. It’s been a bit stressful, what with a very leaky washing machine and sinks that may as well not be attached to any pipes underneath, but it’s coming together and looking lovely:





Moving to a new place is a funny one. I find myself doing strange things, like cycling on the pavements. Until I know the roads and the drivers, and can trust that I’m probably not going to die (although anything involving Brummy roads and drivers always carries risk…).

Right now I should be sitting my entrance exam for Medical School. But obviously I am not. All in good time…

Headed down to lovely Cornwall tomorrow! And then over the Channel to the rest of the continent next week. Can’t complain.



So I have finished my job, moved house and am now on the bus to Glastonbury.

It’s been such a busy weekend that I’m just in a bit of a daze. Everything feels new. I’m even wearing a new dress (with trainers – my comfort compromise for both the long bus journey and Glasto mud).

No more working until at least August. Weird. Let’s see how long I can make money last (not at all worried about this…).

So. Glasto for a week, then hello new life.

My new place of residence.