Two days

Two days of work remain before my two-month summer holiday begins! Hello.

The next two weeks: finish work // move house // GLASTONBURY // find some furniture // ukcat exam // visit medschools // holiday time

(Then come home and find a job.)

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20130621-170233.jpg Photo taken at Almscliff, Wharfedale, yesterday. Jake and I went there to climb, he ended up falling off Great Western lots of times, then by the time we had rescued gear it was home time. Bouldering next time please.

Two days


Slacklining is on my great big long list of things to learn. Jake and I had a go the other morning before work. I’m pretty rubbish but I’m getting better!

I want to be as good as my friend Harry (don’t tell him I said this).

I am being productive this morning. I have applied for volunteer schemes and I’m about to sort out my Oxfam Glastonbury stewarding thing.



(Jake is way better than me.)