I have a new job. I’ll be so sad to leave, but happy to be leaving the hardest job I’ve ever done.

I understand vectors, a little bit.

In six weeks, my exams will be done.

To free time.

//. / // . To baking, sewing, printing.

// //../ /////. /-/Watching The 100 without feeling guilty.

//To making journeys.//

////. / /// // /. ///// To meeting a friend I haven’t yet met.

// // //./// ///. // And in (less than) one year, being somewhere I haven’t yet been.


*this is life for now.



My plans for the summer are alllllll coming together, and oh I am just so excited! I’m going on a big road trip, which currently involves Cornwall, France, Italy and Switzerland. Then I’m coming back to my new humble abode in the UK, which is hopefully going to be in Birmingham with Annie. Yippee.

It’s been so sunny and lovely these last two days. I cycled to work in flip flops, and even ate ice cream today. Off the hook.





So, decision-making is pretty much done now, since most options were stolen from me last week (university rejections, scholarship rejections blah). But that’s okay! I’m happy to be able to make plans now.

June- stop working, Glastonbury
July- medschool entrance exam, then travel and climb
August- travel, come home, move out
September- find a new job

In other news, I may have found the best chocolate muffin recipe ever. I’ll find and post it.







At the moment, life chez moi has become a waiting game. And a planning game. I have too many decisions to make.

Today I have spent the majority of the day in the kitchen, making bread, hummus, ful, and cheesecake. I now also know how to cable knit. Oh days off, how I love you.

I am excited for two things right now:
+ Wales this weekend, with all (/most of) my favourite climbing people.
+ Summer. Even though I love winter.

Taken in Portland, Dorset.