I have a new job. I’ll be so sad to leave, but happy to be leaving the hardest job I’ve ever done.

I understand vectors, a little bit.

In six weeks, my exams will be done.

To free time.

//. / // . To baking, sewing, printing.

// //../ /////. /-/Watching The 100 without feeling guilty.

//To making journeys.//

////. / /// // /. ///// To meeting a friend I haven’t yet met.

// // //./// ///. // And in (less than) one year, being somewhere I haven’t yet been.


*this is life for now.


Good morning

It’s 6:00 and I’ve already been for a run and showered. Now I’m going to work for the morning and then coming home for an afternoon of Physics and Maths. I feel weirdly good about all this.

Mornings really are the best.

*Highbury Park, Birmingham, at 5:15 this morning

Good morning


(Beautiful view up Wharfedale, after leaving work one night.)

Life has all of a sudden become very stressful. I’m moving house next week, and nothing has been done in preparation for that. It’s my final week of work, and I need to find a new job, so a) I’m spending all of my time writing job applications, b) I’m stressing majorly about my lack of money. Excellent. I also have my UKCAT exam in a couple of weeks, for which I feel grossly underprepared. Urgh. In addition, I seem to be currently working about 9000 hours a week. And I just feel so tired.

I go away on holiday for a month on 10 July, and before then, it’d be great if I could:
– not fail the UKCAT
– successfully move into house
– have a job lined up for when I’m back in August
– not run out of money.

Allez go.