The list

The list. That I have been meaning to upload for ages. I wrote most of it in Nepal.

(In no particular order)

1. Bake bread like a pro.
2. Finish my patchwork blanket.
3. Qualify as a doctor (before the age of 30).
4. Build my own house.
5. Grow my own fruit and vegetables.
6. Hike the Camino de Santiago.
7. Learn to develop my own film.
8. Learn to crochet properly.
9. Paint on huge canvases.
10. Eat organically, fair trade, free-range and eco-friendly
11. WWOOF.
12. Learn to ski off-piste and ski mountaineer like a pro.
13. Volunteer in a women’s weaving cooperative.
14. Be a medical volunteer.
15. Learn yoga, do it everyday.
16. Be T-total.
17. Buy a van and road trip the UK and Europe.
18. Learn to slackline.
19. Cycle the English coast to coast in one day.
20. Cycle La Marmotte.
21. Cycle the Bergen-Voss fjord classic.
22. Draw on massive paper.
23. Get photographs published somewhere.
24. Learn more about digital photography.
25. Read everyday.
26. Have a small-holding: bees, chickens and goats.
27. Get better at dressmaking.
28. Learn to screen print.
29. Learn letterpress.
30. Learn to make paper.
31. Learn front crawl.
32. Play with an orchestra again.
33. Sing with a choir again.
34. Learn to snowboard.
35. Get into the habit of rising before 6am.
36. Sell things that I have made.
37. Travel with my 35mm camera only.
38. Learn to make cheese.
39. Work for a mountain rescue team.
40. Knit a jumper.
41. Learn to longboard.
42. Learn Arabic and Hindi.
43. Sell my own photographic prints.


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