A plea

So, a good friend of mine, Jake, has made a cracking film from when we went skiing last year in Risoul, and has entered it into a pretty awesome competition. I do look a bit silly in the film, so don’t really want you to watch it, but do go right ahead anyway! And please do vote for Jake! He needs your votes! A plea from me to you ❤ Over and out.


A plea


Home after a super duper week in France. Lots and lots of snow, beer, cheese and smiling – cant go far wrong. Always breaks my heart to come home, I want to live there again please.

I’ve spent time today clearing out the spare room, so that I have a desk, and space to print and hang up prints. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, so I’m happy now. I fact, I’m sat at my desk right now.

This week: need to start getting fitter for the summer, printing, promoting.

Listen to this. Wicked.