On writing

Lately I’ve been both reading and writing a lot, and I’ve decided to start posting some of my musings here for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, my chosen career in medicine is thus far a complete failure, and my mind therefore needs to be occupied with other intellectual pursuits.  I feel somewhat deprived of opportunities to express myself in an articulate and meaningful manner, yet this contemporary form of journalism provides me with just that, right?

Finally, I bought myself a Mac, and unlike my former PC, the ‘h’ key doesn’t fly off the keyboard every time I hit it. Blogging also seems like one of the idealistic things done by everyone who owns a Mac. 

I considered starting a new blog, since writing about things that actually matter doesn’t exactly follow in the theme of this blog’s previous life. Then I realised that people change, people develop. Why shouldn’t my blog reflect that? Until now, I’ve posted mainly photographs. That’s easy for me. Writing something of meaning and structure poses more of a challenge, one from which I hope that I can learn something. 

On writing


My home for the day

I’m feeling motivated today. It’s a good job really, since GAMSAT is next week. Oh god oh god.

It’s ok. I’m at peace with my impending failure, and I feel great about going to Ireland in March to resit. Sort of.

I’ve spent so long in this library. I know that the doors on the third floor say ‘Pull’, but that actually you can push or pull them. I know where all the hidden-behind-bookcase plug sockets are. I know all.

This is the most important thing to me at the moment.



I have a new job. I’ll be so sad to leave, but happy to be leaving the hardest job I’ve ever done.

I understand vectors, a little bit.

In six weeks, my exams will be done.

To free time.

//. / // . To baking, sewing, printing.

// //../ /////. /-/Watching The 100 without feeling guilty.

//To making journeys.//

////. / /// // /. ///// To meeting a friend I haven’t yet met.

// // //./// ///. // And in (less than) one year, being somewhere I haven’t yet been.


*this is life for now.



I’ve sacrificed my usual pre-work early night in the name of sorting out my life. I’m sure I won’t regret it at 6am tomorrow. Ha.

Those times when your head gets so fuzzy and full that you actually think it might burst: that’s what this afternoon was like.

I needed these extra couple of hours to tidy up my home, do yoga, write, refocus.

//job prospects//exams//study//yoga//running//self//eat green//


*a very big watermelon